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Who is the Leader of your pack?

Join your host Charlie and his side-kick Suzy Godsey welcoming Tammy Pocock and Karlina van der Weij in discussing who is in charge in your house?  Who’s the alpha?  Is it you or your animals?  Are you willing to be the leader of your pack?  

It’s a new year, is now the time to take charge? What is the value of being the pack leader anyway? And what does that actually mean? And how doe the animals see this topic? (Charlie will tell us all about that), and what can you do if you’re not in charge?  What can you do to change that and create a relationship with your animals that works for all involved? Sounds like fun? Please join us.

Tammy Pocock and Karlina van der Weij are Access Consciousness™ facilitators and are working with the access tools in their own unique ways with people and animals. Charlie and I are looking forward to having them on the show! 

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