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LIVING is YOUR Business!!

Charlie and Suzy are so very honored to welcome Special Guest, Simone Milasas.  As the Access Consciousness World Wide Coordinator and Founder of Joy of Business, Simone’s gifts a unique, first hand awareness of LIVING is YOUR Business, which both Charlie and Suzy are very excited to explore. 

Ask most animal lovers and you will find that the general consensus is that “Animals are Kind, Caring, Generous Creatures” and yet, have you noticed that animals demand of themselves to be the MOST Valueable product in thier own lives? An animal’s living is “taking care of their own business” and in that creation, they actualize as being and receiving the gift and contriubuiton with/for ALL they come in contact with.  What if people where willing to acknowledge and actualize the same?  Hmmm…..

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