Being Sick…Me and My Duodenum

I regurgitate. I always have. Sometimes a lot, and sometimes not for a while. When I do, it just comes out. It surprises me in my sleep. I do not like stepping in it, or laying next to it. Suzy cleans my bed, she does not seem to like it either.

She takes me to people and she talks about it. They take my blood, they touch me and they check my body. I even fell into a deep sleep in one of these places. They talked to Suzy a lot after that.  They say I have an inflamed duodenum. They want to cure it. For me it’s not a problem. Sometimes it slows me down, but I am ok.

I am assisting others with having this. It’s complicated for people to understand. My body just does this. Maybe one day when people get it, it will go away. Other bodies and the Earth talk to me all the time. It is part of living. No big deal. My body and I are connected to a lot of other bodies.We just do that. People don’t get when we dogs do that. They think we are sick, but often we are just connected. Sometimes the energy changes when we talk about it. Sometimes the pills change it. People talk a lot about this with us. Being sick is not the same for us as it is for people.

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