Got Hurt

A few days ago I was really excited. I found some great smells under the metal panels laying in the yard.

Suzy was distracted, there were people talking to her. Oh good, I got more and more obsessed with moving the panels to get to the smell. I wanted to lift them, dig them up, find what was under there. I was really busy. So was Suzy. She did not call me for a long time. She did call me and I rushed to the house, it was dinner time. The people were gone. She did not feed me, but instead looked at my face over and over and at my feet.

I could tell she was concerned. She brought out warm water and bathed my feet, cleaned them and put ointment on them. That felt good! She cleaned my face too.

Then it was dinner time. Walking with these wraps on me feet is awful. Suzy won’t let me take them off.

She ran energy all night on my feet and face. Today feels better. I know she is packing. She is going away. I am staying with Tydog this time.

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