Life While Suzy Is On The Road!

It is getting easier to get Suzy’s attention now. It was not always like that. I am not sure what stops people from hearing us, we all talk! People are busy thinking all the time.  It’s like a thick wall to break through. They look at me like they can’t hear me.

I do not talk all the time only when it’s important. Like today, something is changing with my sitter. So I call Suzy, she has to know. Change like this makes me nervous, I have to know Suzy is with me.

Some things people do I do not understand and I require support and clarity. Information can make a lot of difference and let’s me be calm. I wish people would give me all the information, not just small parts. Knowing Suzy will be in charge makes me relaxed.

Click To Listen In On Or After May 13, 2015

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