Staying With Lori This Time

Staying with Lori this time. She is fun.

We hike a lot. And she likes taking pictures.

She is getting to know me. I am extra nice.

She introduces me to other dogs. We go for long walks. I love that.

I was really tired. When I am like that and a dog comes to me, I do not like that. She scolded me for growling at the dog, but I really just told him to give me space and that this was my bed. He got it. I slept.

I like sleeping with people. Their beds are nice. And they have covers. I like to be covered.

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  • Joan Panzella
    September 16, 2015 at 11:47 pm

    I love how you manipulate Charlie! Not only do I enjoy Suzy's FB posts about her adventures with you, but I also enjoy how you create your own FB entries, and now a wonderful blog site! How does it get more magical than that?! 😀

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