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What can Animals and Nature Teach us about Being?

Animals live in the present moment, yet they are totally aware of the future and adjust their lives accordingly. They migrate to find food and water, they breed according to the availability of food, in other words, they are totally willing to be on and with this planet.

When I look at how people live their lives, it seems to me that most people lack the ability or desire to know what the planet requires. We overpopulated, pollute and behave in a way that makes sustainability a challenge. What is that? Are people not supposed to be the smartest species on this planet? What is driving us to pay no attention? 

And what can we learn from the animals? What is required from us? Please join Tim and Tanya Bothams and Charlie and myself in this adventure of questions and awareness. Tim and Tanya are amazing when it comes to farming with nature and being aware what the Earth is telling us. Please check their blog here and find their upcoming classes here:

And for the upcoming class with Gary Douglas and Tim and Tanya Bothams, please go here


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