Conversations With Dog

What does the connection you have with your pet create?

Have you ever noticed that your dog seems to be able to read your mind? When you are totally congruent with your thoughts and your energy, your dog responds.

You can create miracles and havoc with this. If you think at your dog that he will be aggressive with this dog coming towards him, guess what? Your dog will not see another possibility but to act the way you are projecting at him.

And, so what if you could also use this to change your dogs’ way with things? What if it was possible to change his reaction to other dogs? Change separation anxiety? Could energetic connection with your animal be a tool you could use even when you are not with your pet?

Charlie says: Connection is imperative. Anything that is not working between you and the animal is based on a broken connection. There is more communication going on than you think.

Would you like to practice your energetic connection? Please join us!

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