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What can Animals and Nature Teach us about Being?

Animals live in the present moment, yet they are totally aware of the future and adjust their lives accordingly. They migrate to find food and water, they breed according to the availability of food, in other words, they are totally willing to be on and with this planet.

When I look at how people live their lives, it seems to me that most people lack the ability or desire to know what the planet requires. We overpopulated, pollute and behave in a way that makes sustainability a challenge. What is that? Are people not supposed to be the smartest species on this planet? What is driving us to pay no attention? 

And what can we learn from the animals? What is required from us? Please join Tim and Tanya Bothams and Charlie and myself in this adventure of questions and awareness. Tim and Tanya are amazing when it comes to farming with nature and being aware what the Earth is telling us. Please check their blog here and find their upcoming classes here:

And for the upcoming class with Gary Douglas and Tim and Tanya Bothams, please go here


Conversations With Dog

Who Owns Who?

How do our animals perceive ownership? Do they feel owned by us? Or do they own us? After all we go to work to feed them and house them, so who really owns who?

Join Charlie and Suzy for the exploration of an animal’s perspective on ownership. What makes an animal choose you? How do animals see us? And do they define ownership in the same way we do? What is living together from their point of view?

Charlie has a unique way of seeing the world and so we are all curious to what he will say to all these questions!

Conversations With Dog

What motivates a dog to run away from home?

What motivates a dog to dig themselves out from under the fence, or jump over it, or destroy a barrier to run off? Is he being lonely, or unhappy in the place he lives? Is he driven by a sense of adventure? Is he driven by an urge to run, hunt or explore?

Can a dog like that ever be ‘cured’? Is it something that is part his genetic makeup?

Join Charlie and Suzy in the exploration of what created this situation and what if there are possibilities to change it. What contribution can we be to the dog that likes to run off? What can motivate him to stay home?

Conversations With Dog

What is it like to get older from the perspective of the pet?

Is your pet getting older the topic that you dread the most? Pets lives are a lot shorter than ours and often the loss of a pet is a dramatic experience, which many times will stop us from choosing to have another pet in our lives.

Let us find out what getting older actually is like for them. Let us let go of the ideas we have about this subject and our projections about it! Let’s hear Charlie’s perspective on getting older! Join us for this live call that might just change your point of view about what it is like for your pet to get older!

Conversations With Dog

Keeping Kids and Dogs Safe from each other during the Holidays

Most dog bites occur with a dog that is familiar to us. And often children are the one’s that are bitten.

Charlie and Suzy will explore what can avoid these incidents especially in the upcoming Holiday Season. Dogs are often a little neglected in this busy Season, their exercise level might be decreasing, while excitement levels rise in the family! What tools and tips and tricks are available to make sure the Holidays do not end in a bite?

Please join us in the live show so you can ask questions and contribute!


Runaway Joe

Joe is on a leash. Last time he ran free. I could not follow him, he is too fast. I run back to Suzy. Joe was gone. He can’t run fast on the leash.








We met horses. Joe is calm with them, that helped me. Suzy made sure we all gave each other space. The horses followed us. 

Conversations With Dog

What is Charlie’s perspective on the president elect?

People caring about the environment and the treatment of animals are all concerned about the election of Donald Trump.

How does Charlie see this change of leadership and what we can do or be? Are there tools we can use to have this change be ease filled, and is there action we have to take?

Let Charlie lead the way in the discussion of human leadership from the perspective of animals.