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Not All Dogs Like Leashes.

Not All Dogs Like Leashes.


People feel in control with the leash.

But they have to be present. Or else the leash will control the person.

Only energy controls the dog.

Walking with the person is a choice.

Walking With A Person Is A Choice.


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I played today

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Now I dream about it and run again.


I get tired when I play hard, she wore me out.


Runaway Joe

Joe is on a leash. Last time he ran free. I could not follow him, he is too fast. I run back to Suzy. Joe was gone. He can’t run fast on the leash.








We met horses. Joe is calm with them, that helped me. Suzy made sure we all gave each other space. The horses followed us. 


I Love Water.

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I love water.

I can sense where I can find it.

can sense it in the ground.

People think there is lots of water.

The Earth is changing.

People will see.