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Toys and ME

Suzy was shocked to find out that I do not see dismantling a toy as destruction.

It is just different once it is in pieces. Not wrong, not worse, just different.

People get attached to things.

They don’t like it when those things are destroyed.

We are different, we see the energy.

It just changes.



Happy As A Clam!

Suzy just asked me if clams were happy.

I said they don’t have a brain.

happy as a clam

She laughed and said being happy as a clam really means you don’t have a brain?

Is that really the conversation you have to wake me up for in the middle of the night?

charlie really pic




Yes Dog Blog :: Charlie Smells

I smell things. When I get a scent, I follow it. The world is full of smells, you have no idea how intense. I can find lots of things with my nose. People are surprised with what I can find.

Yes Dog Blog Charlie and Harry

And I know Harry can even find more things than I. I follow him when we go out together. He finds lots of food. Not always do I like what he finds. Harry loves to eat everything. People have no idea how smelly they are. It can be intense. They are surprised when I stay away from them. It hurts.