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Conversations With Dog Podcasts Feed

Conversations With Dog Podcasts Feed

What is Charlie’s perspective on the president elect?

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People caring about the environment and the treatment of animals are all concerned about the election of Donald Trump.

How does Charlie see this change of leadership and what we can do or be? Are there tools we can use to have this change be ease filled, and is there action we have to take?

Let Charlie lead the way in the discussion of human leadership from the perspective of animals.

Conversations With Dog Podcasts Feed

Does Your Energy Change Your Pets Behaviour

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Have you ever noticed that your pet is extremely aware of your mood? The response to our moods will vary with each animal. A shy animal might hide weather you are happy or sad. Another might get very playful and celebrate your happiness with you, or approach you to change your sadness. Either way, there will always be a response to your state of mind. If you are a person that is guarded all the time, your pet will also be guarding.

What tools are available to be more in charge of these moments?

Can we fool our pets? Fake it til we make it? 

Can we avoid constantly feeding into each other?

Please join Charlie and myself exploring how our engery affects animals!


Conversations With Dog Podcasts Feed

What is Aggression in Dogs? Can it be Changed?

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Aggression in animals is often seen as anger. But can we truly use our definition of anger when it comes to the actions of animals?

What it it when dogs have a scuffle? What makes them choose that and are they capable of changing it? What if we started to look at this in a different way?

If your dog is one that has these scuffles going on, do you call him aggressive? What makes for an aggressive dog? And do our definitions of the behavior influence the behavior?

Let us find out from Charlie how he sees these altercations between dogs and what we can do to change it.

Conversations With Dog Podcasts Feed

Dogs with Jobs, Service Dogs and more

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What makes a dog a Service animal? With all the controversy lately and people having service dogs that other people do not see as the ‘real’ thing, what does all of that mean? And what goes on for the dogs that are? What are we asking of them and do they like doing what they are doing? Does the dog know what the job is and do the understand the extend of it?

What makes a dog a good service dog and are all dogs capable of this job? What does Charlie know about this line of work?

Please join Charlie and myself in the adventure.

Conversations With Dog Podcasts Feed

Do Cats Rule the World?

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Charlie does not like cats. Why? Let’s ask him during this show where we talk about the fun and difference cats are! We will tune into them as well, so we do not just get Charlie’s point of view on the pets that know that they rule the house! Or better, the world! We all know cats and dogs are so different and we even define ourselves as cat or dog people! So what fun can we have asking them about using our furniture for scratching posts, bringing us dead or almost dead critters as gifts and peeing on our belongings.

We are told that cats and dogs do not get along because their body language is so different and the cues of a ‘wagging tail’ from a cat can end in scratch marks on a dog’s nose. Is that what is going on? let’s find out from these critters themselves and also from Charlie!

Conversations With Dog Podcasts Feed

Is your dog a good dog?

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Everyone you ask has a different opinion about what a good dog is. To me it would be a dog that has some basic etiquette about interacting with others, responding to simple commands and happy to be with me. For others it’s about loyalty, protection and the fact that the dog will not talk back when asked t do things. And there are tons more opinions depending who you ask!

Here is a fun read by a dog trainer exploring the issue!

So what is it that works for you? And what works for your dog? And will the two be able to work together?

What is relevant? Important? And how does Charlie see all of this? Would he have a point of view about what makes a good person? Let’s find out!

Conversations With Dog Podcasts Feed

If I am Man’s Best Friend…

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I used to get so sick to my stomach when I would see an animal in distress. 

I lived next to a man who regularly beat his dog that was chained up and I would have all sort of thoughts, like stealing the dog, or reporting him to authorities.

And yet, something stopped me doing any of these things. Somewhere I knew that this dog was contributing to this man not beating his wife. And the dog was happy to see him, which was hard for me to fathom.

So what is all this stuff that goes on in the world with us and dogs? We see them as Man’s best friend, and yet there are so many areas where we mistreat them, starve them, abandon them and neglect them. 

How does Charlie see the situation? What is possible to change this? Is it possible to create us living with others respectfully?

Please join us for this time’s conversation with Charlie about Man’s Best Friend!

Conversations With Dog Podcasts Feed

What Does My Breed Create For Me?

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People have created different breeds of dogs for a long time. The dog has been our companion for over 16,000 years. We have been counting on them, living with them and working with them. Breeding dogs was done to improve certain skill sets. Pointing, Hunting, Sniffing, Retrieving, Pulling Sleds, Tracking, you name it. 

Later also fashion and emotional traits became a reason to create a certain kind of dog. So what happens when a certain breed all of a sudden becomes ‘out of vogue’? Is it really that the breed is now misbehaving?

What are we creating with the projections, expectations and judgements we heap on certain dogs? Remember when it was dangerous to have a German Shepherd? A dog bred for herding? And then it was the Rottweiler that became the dangerous dog and the Doberman Pinscher. Now it’s the Pit Bull’s turn. 

What does Charlie have to say about the judgements that are being put on his breed? Are our dogs breed aware? Do they know if they are a Boxer, or a Yorkshire Terrier? What do we have to be aware of when we are around the dangerous dog of the year? Let’s find out how Charlie sees the world of breeds!

Conversations With Dog Podcasts Feed

It’s All About The Chase

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What is driving animals to chase other animals? Can that be changed? We know that dogs and cats and rabbits can get along, but why are some dogs set on chasing them? Is it a personal preference they have? 

Sometimes a dog might like the one cat, but is out to kill another? 

Is it a choice animals are making? A habit they have? Or are they trained that way? Where are these behaviors coming from?

Have you ever been told that you cannot add another bitch to your household when you already have that female dog? But what is it we are missing here? What questions can we ask to change this? 

What wisdom does Charlie have for us in this matter? He himself can be intense around cats and horses and also incredibly kind to them. So what is making him choose one or the other? Let’s find out if we can change our pet’s reactions!