Bunny & ME

Hi!! My name is Charlie YesDog…thanks for stopping on my page is what Suzy (Suzy goDseY…I own her) would say.I would like you to meet Bunny.  I like Bunny.  She can bite me all she wants, I just stand there and let her.

Charlie and Bunny
Bunny & ME

Suzy would like to know why, but really who cares?

Charlie on a hike
ME and Suzy

Bunny has some issues around people and she can get really nervous.  I sense Bunny biting me gives her an outlet and that  is what makes it ok with me.

Charlie and Bunny
ME and Bunny RUNNING

She is FAST!!!!! I like to chase her all over the place.  We do not play fight…we run!!!!! We have soooooooo much FUN!!!!

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