Dog Park Adventures

At the dog park I see myself as important. I make sure others respect me.

 I do get excited there and Suzy watches me all the time. I do better when she gets distracted. Her watching me makes me do things. Today there was a dog there that was rude, so I was letting him know that he needed to stop that.

Other dogs were letting him know too. He did not stop for long. It created some excitement. We were working it out, but lots of people got involved too. It got even more exciting then.

People get loud too when they are excited, it was lots of fun. People are so strange at the park, they project a lot of things on us, and when we do them, they don’t like it!

I get so confused with that. Suzy keeps telling me not to listen to other people’s thoughts, but that is not easy for me, they just flood in, and I can so easily do what people want from me. These parks are fun.

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