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Weather – How Much Fun Can It Be For You And Your Animal?

It’s winter in the US and it brings to awareness just how often the lives of our animal companions become the effect of the weather.

“It’s too cold for you to go for a walk.”  “Dog park and playing are out today, it’s too hot”  “I know you don’t like to get wet, so we will stay in today.”  “Temperature is below zero, we have to get your boots & your coat on, before we even think about going outside.”

Is any of that really true for your pets?  Yep, some animals will clearly let you know that the weather does not work for them and …. how often do we project how we  “see” the weather onto our pets, creating struggle and limitations that would not be part of our animal companions live, without us?

I wonder ….

Join Suzy & Charlie as they explore what weather truly is in the eyes of our animal companions.  Gain “first hand”, from Charlie, a perspective of weather us “people animals” may never has considered.  And gain tools and awarenesses to move beyond Weather as a controlling factor in you and your animal companion’s life.


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