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The Seduction of Caring for Others

Playful puppies…cuddly kittens…fluffy yellow chicks.

What does that bring up for you? Does it invoke an overwhelming urge to take care of one of those playful, cute, cuddly, fluffy critters?

When you see an animal that has been mistreated and abandoned are you overcome by an urge to show up and take care of them? Do you perceive an intense judgment rush in around those that created that with the animal?

How many people live with the behavior of a pet that doesn’t work for them? Is that behavior truly the pet trying to communicate that something is not working for them either? If things are not working for the pet owner or the pet and they have tried everything they are willing to; would finding the pet a new home shift the behavior? How many of us are willing to truly look at that?

Join Suzy and ME, Charlie YesDog, and let have a conversation around “The Seduction Of Caring For Others”

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