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What Does My Breed Create For Me?

People have created different breeds of dogs for a long time. The dog has been our companion for over 16,000 years. We have been counting on them, living with them and working with them. Breeding dogs was done to improve certain skill sets. Pointing, Hunting, Sniffing, Retrieving, Pulling Sleds, Tracking, you name it. 

Later also fashion and emotional traits became a reason to create a certain kind of dog. So what happens when a certain breed all of a sudden becomes ‘out of vogue’? Is it really that the breed is now misbehaving?

What are we creating with the projections, expectations and judgements we heap on certain dogs? Remember when it was dangerous to have a German Shepherd? A dog bred for herding? And then it was the Rottweiler that became the dangerous dog and the Doberman Pinscher. Now it’s the Pit Bull’s turn. 

What does Charlie have to say about the judgements that are being put on his breed? Are our dogs breed aware? Do they know if they are a Boxer, or a Yorkshire Terrier? What do we have to be aware of when we are around the dangerous dog of the year? Let’s find out how Charlie sees the world of breeds!

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