Released Episode
16  Dec  2017 What do dogs know about food and eating? Download
07  Sep  2017 What does the connection you have with your pet create? Download
27  Jul  2017 Wading through the Maze of pet food ingredients Download
13  Jul  2017 Did you adopted a pet with issues? Download
23  May  2017 Do Animals Hold on to the Things We Do to Them? Download
04  May  2017 Dealing with a sick pet? Download
19  Apr  2017 What if you are asking too much of your dog? Download
08  Apr  2017 What makes your dog a good leash walker? Download
29  Mar  2017 What can Animals and Nature Teach us about Being? Download
21  Feb  2017 Who Owns Who? Download
31  Jan  2017 What motivates a dog to run away from home? Download
04  Jan  2017 What is it like to get older from the perspective of the pet? Download
22  Dec  2016 Keeping Kids and Dogs Safe from each other during the Holidays Download
24  Nov  2016 What is Charlie's perspective on the president elect? Download
10  Nov  2016 Does Your Energy Change Your Pets Behaviour Download
26  Oct  2016 What is Aggression in Dogs? Can it be Changed? Download
12  Oct  2016 Dogs with Jobs, Service Dogs and more Download
28  Sep  2016 Do Cats Rule the World? Download
14  Sep  2016 Is your dog a good dog? Download
31  Aug  2016 If I am Man's Best Friend... Download
17  Aug  2016 What Does My Breed Create For Me? Download
03  Aug  2016 It's All About The Chase Download
20  Jul  2016 Animals...Invitation To Magic With Our Bodies Download
06  Jul  2016 Can we change our animal's behavior? Download
22  Jun  2016 Autism, can animals assist in making life easier? Download
08  Jun  2016 Summer 101 Download
25  May  2016 How Do Animals Contribute To Our Life & Living? Download
11  May  2016 The Power of Allowance Download
27  Apr  2016 How Do Animals Invite Us To More With Bodies? Download
13  Apr  2016 The Seduction of Caring for Others Download
30  Mar  2016 Do animals have generosity? Download
16  Mar  2016 Can animals teach us about being grateful? Download
03  Mar  2016 Weather - How Much Fun Can It Be For You And Your Animal? Download
18  Feb  2016 Animals & The Earth Download
04  Feb  2016 Self Value - Falling In LOVE With YOU!! Download
21  Jan  2016 Failure Download
07  Jan  2016 Setting Targets, What Does Charlie Know about That? Download
24  Dec  2015 Do Our Pet Always Become Our Pets For A Reason? Download
26  Nov  2015 Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider ~ Special Guests Viv Adcock & Hanne Stigaard Download
12  Nov  2015 Power of Acknowledgment & Gratitude Download
28  Oct  2015 Halloween & Our Fury Friends Download
14  Oct  2015 Is Partnership TRULY Different for Men? Download
30  Sep  2015 Tools Of Animal Communication, Are You Taking Advantage of Them? Download
16  Sep  2015 Holding On To The Past to Create A Better Future?? Download
02  Sep  2015 Animals Have Their Own Back, Do You? Download
19  Aug  2015 Can You be "Leader of the Pack" When You LIVE in Self Doubt? Download
05  Aug  2015 Car Sickness in Dogs, can it be changed? Download
22  Jul  2015 Bodywork, is it a contribution to the animals? Download
08  Jul  2015 What can we do when pets are overweight? Download
24  Jun  2015 Dealing with the not so fun parts of summer Download
10  Jun  2015 Going on vacation and not sure what to do with the pets? Download
27  May  2015 How do pets deal with ghost encounters? Download
13  May  2015 Are you afraid of animals, and how do animals see you if you are? Download
29  Apr  2015 When our pets get sick, what else can we do? Download
15  Apr  2015 Does your pet have friends? Download
01  Apr  2015 Does the story of the past influence the present? Download
18  Mar  2015 LIVING is YOUR Business!! Download
05  Mar  2015 Do we need our animals to need us? Download
19  Feb  2015 Is Fear of Failure real for Animals? Download
05  Feb  2015 What's LOVE Got to Do with it? Download
22  Jan  2015 My animal is too much! Download
08  Jan  2015 Who is the Leader of your pack? Download
06  Nov  2014 My Kids ask for a Pet, but I do not wish to have one, now what? Download
29  Oct  2014 Can animals assist in recovery? Download
15  Oct  2014 The Senior Dog, what can create ease for you and the dog? Download
08  Oct  2014 Do you receive from animals? Does your body get nurtured by them? Download
24  Sep  2014 Are animals more functioning like autistic people? Download
17  Sep  2014 Are animals a contribution to kids? Download
10  Sep  2014 What contribution can animals be to your body? Download
03  Sep  2014 A Final Gift - Creating Ease with the Loss of Your Pet Download
20  Aug  2014 Does the behavior my animal exhibits reflect the connection we have? Download
13  Aug  2014 Can you reason with your dog? Download
06  Aug  2014 Can a horse tell you what is required for healing it's body? Download
02  Jul  2014 My dog nips children, what can I do? Download
25  Jun  2014 Dog Bites, are they preventable? Download
18  Jun  2014 Coping with the death of your pet, a different perspective Download
11  Jun  2014 Are you aware of the energetic connection between you and your dog? Download
04  Jun  2014 How can you stay present and calm when your pet is not? Download
28  May  2014 Are you affected by the puppy eyes? Or how would you pick your next companion? Download
21  May  2014 Do animals have expectations of their owners? Download
14  May  2014 How can I deal with animal abuse? Download
07  May  2014 How can you assist your pet during a divorce? Download
30  Apr  2014 Rescue Dog with Collar Issues Download
23  Apr  2014 Cleaning my dogs teeth? Download
09  Apr  2014 Can You Talk To A Dog That Passed Away? Download
02  Apr  2014 The Itchy Cat, What To Do With Skin Problems Download
26  Mar  2014 My dog bites me! What can I do? Download
19  Mar  2014 Does your dog attack other dogs? Can it change? Download
12  Mar  2014 Do you call your dog aggressive? How bad is it? Download
06  Mar  2014 Why does one dog attack another? Download
27  Feb  2014 Is it ok to add a young dog to my senior dog? Download
20  Feb  2014 What does my older dog’s body require of me? Download
13  Feb  2014 Life is changing with my aging dog, how can I adjust better? Download
06  Feb  2014 My dog is close to dying, what can I do? Download
30  Jan  2014 What options are there to keeps pets out of shelters? Download
23  Jan  2014 Can we change the shelter system? Download
16  Jan  2014 Would you adopt from the shelter? Download
09  Jan  2014 Did you adopt from the shelter and now there are problems? Download
02  Jan  2014 New Years Resolutions, What would you like from your Pet? Download
27  Dec  2013 How to Prepare for the Holiday Noise Download
19  Dec  2013 Honoring You and Your Pet Download
12  Dec  2013 How do I assist my pet with the loss of a companion? Download
05  Dec  2013 Is giving a pet for Christmas a great gift? Download
28  Nov  2013 A puppy, how exciting, now what? Download
21  Nov  2013 Dominant Puppy?? Download
14  Nov  2013 Prepping your pet for holiday guests Download
07  Nov  2013 Dominance to train a dog, does it work? Download
31  Oct  2013 Anxious about leaving your animals during the Holiday season Download
23  Oct  2013 A carsick dog! Can it change? Download
16  Oct  2013 Shelters, always legit? Download
09  Oct  2013 Is daily training required?? Download
02  Oct  2013 Have you ever asked your dog for something? Download
25  Sep  2013 The Barking Dog, how do we stop that? Download
18  Sep  2013 Pig Rosie is running the household Download
11  Sep  2013 Can I re-home my animal when things don't work out? Download
04  Sep  2013 Testimonial from Lyndsey Download
28  Aug  2013 Do my cats like their names? Download
21  Aug  2013 Training your dog, the right way! Download
14  Aug  2013 Can we create a different shelter reality? Download
07  Aug  2013 Jasmine is scared of people and anxious when left alone Download
31  Jul  2013 Lyndsey and Sneak are at the end with their relationship! Download
24  Jul  2013 Rattlesnakes, how can you have your dog stay away from them? Download
17  Jul  2013 Is your Dog a Beggar? Can you stop her? Download
10  Jul  2013 Chewing Behavior, can it be harnessed? Download
03  Jul  2013 Dog Park Etikette Download
26  Jun  2013 Can an e-collar be a positive tool? Download
19  Jun  2013 Are breed specific laws for dogs required? Download
12  Jun  2013 An intro class to animal communication Download
05  Jun  2013 Dogs and fleas, what to do? Download
29  May  2013 Is your dog reactive to kids? Download
22  May  2013 My Dog Will No Longer Leave the House Download
15  May  2013 My dog chases cars- HELP Download
08  May  2013 My dog gets car sick, what do I do? Download
01  May  2013 A head-shaking Horse! Now what? Download
24  Apr  2013 Excessive Barking, what can I do? Download
17  Apr  2013 How do I cope with animals dying while in my care? Download
10  Apr  2013 Jamie's dog is food aggressive, what can be done about that? Download
03  Apr  2013 My dog will go after some dogs, what is that? Download
27  Mar  2013 How do I work with a part ferral cat? Download
20  Mar  2013 The Runaway Dog Download
13  Mar  2013 Fostering shelter animals, a rewarding choice? Download
07  Mar  2013 A shy dog around children, what is required? Download
28  Feb  2013 Rescue Dog: Hides when he hears his name Download
21  Feb  2013 My friend is afraid of dogs-How can I help her? Download
14  Feb  2013 Two topics-Dogs riding in cars and a dog with epilepsy Download
07  Feb  2013 My dog urinates when she greets people. Can this change? Download
31  Jan  2013 Travel and your dog Download
24  Jan  2013 We are breaking up! How will this impact our dogs? Download
17  Jan  2013 How do I get my dog to start listening? It is such hard work Download
10  Jan  2013 How do you deal with grief? Download
03  Jan  2013 A New Year and A New Beginning Download
27  Dec  2012 Do my emotions affect my pet? Download
20  Dec  2012 Working with rescue horses Download
13  Dec  2012 My pitbull is afraid of people and growls at them! Help! Download
06  Dec  2012 Am I too overprotective? How to keep your dog safe and happy Download
29  Nov  2012 Polamalu is nice to me and mean to everyone else! Download
22  Nov  2012 Lily won’t stop barking and gets sick in the mornings. Help Download
15  Nov  2012 My Dog is a Scaredy Cat! Download
08  Nov  2012 Puppies, puppies everywhere! How do I find them good homes? Download
31  Oct  2012 Halloween and your dog Download
24  Oct  2012 My dog's new Life Download
17  Oct  2012 Our New Dog: A Member of the Family Download
10  Oct  2012 My dog no longer walks with me, what did I do? Download
03  Oct  2012 Agility training, what are the possibilities Download
26  Sep  2012 Rosa is a shy and fearful dog, can she change? Download
19  Sep  2012 New shelter adoption, now what? Download
12  Sep  2012 Working with Prince!Help for some common behavior questions. Download
05  Sep  2012 What did the dog bring home this time? Download
29  Aug  2012 My stinky dog Download
22  Aug  2012 Agility with your dog, are fun and training possible? Download
22  Aug  2012 Agility with your dog, are fun and training possible? Download
15  Aug  2012 The new ordinance says we can’t run on the beach anymore! Download
08  Aug  2012 Little Big Dog-My small dog is aggressive to big dogs Download
01  Aug  2012 My daughter is afraid of dogs. Can this change? Download
25  Jul  2012 Which training tools will work best for my dog? Download
19  Jul  2012 A dog sitters bad day at the park Download
11  Jul  2012 Creating ease for my older dog Download
04  Jul  2012 Freedom from fear of fireworks! Keeping your dog calm Download
27  Jun  2012 Old dogs learning new tricks! Download
20  Jun  2012 The multi-pet household, confusion or ease? Download
13  Jun  2012 Clipping your dog's nails, trauma or joy? Download
06  Jun  2012 A Cat Living At Doggie Daycare! Download
30  May  2012 Dog days of summer-Canine fun in the sun Download
23  May  2012 Energetic First Aid for your Dog Download
16  May  2012 Tips for quick and easy potty training Download
09  May  2012 Conversations about Freddy, the cat Download
02  May  2012 Your dog’s social life Download
25  Apr  2012 Communicating with your dog-quick tips for clarity Download
18  Apr  2012 Home Alone-How to leave your dog at home with ease Download
11  Apr  2012 A refreshing perspective on how to be with your dog Download
04  Apr  2012 Is your dog's name important to your dog? Download
28  Mar  2012 Healthy Hips: Helping Your Dog Keep Their Swagger Download
21  Mar  2012 The Rules of the House- Negotiating with your Dog Download
14  Mar  2012 Creating Confidence and Calm for a Working Dog Download
07  Mar  2012 Can someone influence my dog with their expectations? Download
01  Mar  2012 Transition: A Dog’s View on Death Download
23  Feb  2012 Kreature Feature! My dog barks at everyone Download
16  Feb  2012 Odd Behavior-Where Does it Come From? Download
09  Feb  2012 My friend’s dog needs a new home! Am I the place? Download
02  Feb  2012 Puppies! Training and Communication from the Beginning. Download
26  Jan  2012 Talk to the animals- an introductory class! Download
19  Jan  2012 Creating Ease for Cats and Dogs Who Live in the Same House Download
12  Jan  2012 "Look At Me!"A Powerful Tool to Direct Your Dog's Attention Download
05  Jan  2012 Friendly to people, reactive to dogs, how can we assit Ria? Download
29  Dec  2011 Off Leash Walks With Your Dog: A Fun Time For Exploration Download
22  Dec  2011 Dogs Who Go To Work Download
15  Dec  2011 The Healing Dog Download
08  Dec  2011 Nourishing Your Dog with Ease-Let's Talk About Food! Download
01  Dec  2011 How is the rescue dog now? A follow up with Robbie! Download
24  Nov  2011 Thanks and Gratitude For Our Pets! Download
17  Nov  2011 Tail Between Her Legs: Mija’s Struggle with Fear Download
10  Nov  2011 A Special Needs Dog, Excessive Barking and Guarding Download
02  Nov  2011 The Transformation of a Rescue Dog...with a lot of energy! Download
27  Oct  2011 Sit. Stay. Come. Are the basics of dog training necessary? Download
19  Oct  2011 Chewing, nipping and biting! Oh my! Download
12  Oct  2011 The weather and your dog-Thunder fears and Winter fun Download
05  Oct  2011 Are you walking your dog, or is your dog walking you? Download
21  Sep  2011 Do you trust your dog to come when called? Download
14  Sep  2011 a conversation about a cat... and dogs too Download
07  Sep  2011 Does my dog understand me? Download
17  Aug  2011 What do I have to do to connect with my dog? Download
10  Aug  2011 Shelter adoption- always an unknown? Download
04  Aug  2011 Walking your dog, is it enough? Download
27  Jul  2011 Dog parks- a place for your dog? Download
15  Jun  2011 all my family members have different ideas about the dog... Download
09  Jun  2011 the hyperactive dog: what am I going to do with you? Download
18  May  2011 the Access Consciousness tools can assist in any situation! Download
04  May  2011 dog aggression, how bad is it? Download
27  Apr  2011 Dog or Wolf? What behavior are we dealing with? Download
06  Apr  2011 Multiple dog household? Good, or bad idea??? Download
22  Mar  2011 Pit Bulls, how dangerous are they? Download
16  Mar  2011 When your dog does something unpredictable... Download
10  Nov  2010 I adopted a shelter dog with problems Download
04  Nov  2010 My dog likes to stay home Download
18  Sep  2010 How to communicate with your dog Download
07  Aug  2010 What is leadership??? Download
28  Jul  2010 Do you acknowledge what is? Download
30  Jun  2010 Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Download
23  Jun  2010 Are you telling your dog what to do??? Download
16  Jun  2010 Positive Reinforcement or old school, what should I do? Download
09  Jun  2010 Car trouble with your dog? Download
26  May  2010 Truly a full conversation with your dog: all aspects covered! Download
12  May  2010 A certain behavior will not change, what do I do? Download
28  Apr  2010 The barking dog Download
19  Apr  2010 Truly a full conversation with your dog: all aspects covered! Download
08  Apr  2010 Suzy Godsey at the shelter in Whangarei, NZ Download
31  Mar  2010 Another great show with Beverly Ulbrich and Sage Lewis Download
17  Mar  2010 Dog bites- dog's fault? Handlers fault? Download
11  Mar  2010 Should I get a shelter dog? Download
04  Mar  2010 Truly a full conversation with your dog: all aspects covered! Download
18  Feb  2010 Obsession part two Download
11  Feb  2010 Have you been grateful for your dog lately? Download
04  Feb  2010 My dog has been fearful from the moment I got her- is that my fault? Download
28  Jan  2010 Do you have an obsessive dog? Download
07  Jan  2010 Does your dog go crazy about the gardeners? Download
31  Dec  2009 Is your dog fearful of noises? Download
24  Dec  2009 Festivities with your dog, how to keep it calm Download
03  Dec  2009 Energetic conversations with your dog Download
05  Nov  2009 The shy and fearful dog, more tools to assit the dogs! Download
21  Oct  2009 Another conversation with Shirley and Mija Download
14  Oct  2009 The pit bull myth buster Download
30  Sep  2009 Can you change a fearful dog to be more confident? Download
16  Sep  2009 Does your dog have choice? Download
02  Sep  2009 Is being the top dog being mean? Download
19  Aug  2009 Entities- what are they and how do they affect our dogs? Download
15  Jul  2009 The Zone of Awareness Download
08  Jul  2009 Follow up with Shirley about Mija Download
02  Jul  2009 Should you socialize your dog? Download
21  Jun  2009 Dealing with the over reactive dog Download
03  Jun  2009 How do I pick the 'right' dog for me? Download
27  May  2009 Positive Reinforcement vs Cesar Millan Method Download
20  May  2009 Play with your dog Download
06  May  2009 Conversations with Dog, literally! Your messages and the way your dog sees them Download
29  Apr  2009 We are moving! How will our dog do? Download
08  Apr  2009 The mixed message syndrome Download
26  Mar  2009 Can your dog have 'ADD'? Download
11  Mar  2009 Leadership vs training! Download
05  Mar  2009 What is the Access clearing statement all about? Download
04  Mar  2009 Excessive Barking? Download
25  Feb  2009 Is your situation with your dog hopeless? Download
11  Feb  2009 Does your dog jump on people? Download
04  Feb  2009 Is there "THE" answer to your problem? Download
28  Jan  2009 The energy of excitement versus the energy of joy Download
21  Jan  2009 Is your dog anxious or fearful? Download
14  Jan  2009 Does your dog chew, or tear up the back yard? Download
07  Jan  2009 Are you the "alpha" at home? Download
31  Dec  2008 Noise sensitivty? Download
03  Dec  2008 Do you go to the vet all the time and can't find the cause of the disease? Download
12  Nov  2008 Can you connect to your dog with ease? Download
29  Oct  2008 Don't do that! What does your dog hear when you say that? Download
08  Oct  2008 Do you get when your dog is asking you a question? Download
24  Sep  2008 Do you have a fixed point of view about your dog? Download
17  Sep  2008 The dog food conversation- a different perspective Download
03  Sep  2008 Too much information!! What do I do with that? Download
28  Aug  2008 Do you own your dog? What is the dog's perspective on that? Download
13  Aug  2008 More about the abused dog and body energy work to assist Download
06  Aug  2008 The shy and abused dog, can we help them? Download
30  Jul  2008 Hands-on body work! Download
23  Jul  2008 Are you communicating what you desire from your dog? Download
16  Jul  2008 Dogs in the USA, dogs in Costa Rica, what is the difference? Download
02  Jul  2008 Premier Download