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Conversations With Dog

Do animals have generosity?

Generosity…the quality of being noble…noble-mindedness…liberality in giving. 

Animals are  amazing examples of generosity. They freely give their attention, time and energy and do not expect others to show up in any particular way.  They also let it be known when they are not willing to be or do something even in the moments where we are making it known we are expecting it/requiring it. 

I wonder what Charlie and Suzy can invite us to around generosity and what it truly is and what it can create?

Conversations With Dog

Self Value – Falling In LOVE With YOU!!

Have you noticed that for animals EVERYDAY is Valentine’s Day? A day in which they BASK in Gratitude for and willingly take full advantage of the Depth & Breath of Love, Healing, Caring and Nurturing,Joy, Generation, Creation, Expansion and ALIVENESS Everyone and Everything (including themselves) conspired together to actualize as their Reality?

Is it possible that animals have allowed themselves to KNOW something we are refusing or denying we know?

Hmmm…I wonder … Is it possible that the Universal “law” of “You can not Receive what you are NOT Willing To Be” is the KEY to having and being what the animals innately choose? 

Join Charlie Yesdog & Suzy Godsey as they delve in and explore what it would take for YOU to choose to HAVE what animals live, this Valentine’s Day and beyond!