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Conversations With Dog

What if you are asking too much of your dog?

Charlie and I were on a farm for 5 days and it was a big challenge for Charlie. He had a hard time adjusting to being around chickens, a peacock, donkeys, horses, cows, pigs and calves. As we know so well from him, he likes to chase things that are moving fast and watching these animals moving was huge motivation to chase after them all. So most of the time he was on a leash and being asked to behave.

Which really made me look at what it is we are asking of our animals and what it is they can deliver. Is your dog willing to be fine with other domesticated animals? Can you ask your dog to be fine with them? What other circumstances are you expecting your dog to behave in and are you asking too much? How would you know if you are asking for the impossible, or where it might be possible to train and adjust? When is it a kindness to train and when does that become an unbearable task? 

Let’s ask Charlie what makes it easy to let go of something and what makes it the impossible?