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Conversations With Dog

It’s All About The Chase

What is driving animals to chase other animals? Can that be changed? We know that dogs and cats and rabbits can get along, but why are some dogs set on chasing them? Is it a personal preference they have? 

Sometimes a dog might like the one cat, but is out to kill another? 

Is it a choice animals are making? A habit they have? Or are they trained that way? Where are these behaviors coming from?

Have you ever been told that you cannot add another bitch to your household when you already have that female dog? But what is it we are missing here? What questions can we ask to change this? 

What wisdom does Charlie have for us in this matter? He himself can be intense around cats and horses and also incredibly kind to them. So what is making him choose one or the other? Let’s find out if we can change our pet’s reactions!