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Conversations With Dog

If I am Man’s Best Friend…

I used to get so sick to my stomach when I would see an animal in distress. 

I lived next to a man who regularly beat his dog that was chained up and I would have all sort of thoughts, like stealing the dog, or reporting him to authorities.

And yet, something stopped me doing any of these things. Somewhere I knew that this dog was contributing to this man not beating his wife. And the dog was happy to see him, which was hard for me to fathom.

So what is all this stuff that goes on in the world with us and dogs? We see them as Man’s best friend, and yet there are so many areas where we mistreat them, starve them, abandon them and neglect them. 

How does Charlie see the situation? What is possible to change this? Is it possible to create us living with others respectfully?

Please join us for this time’s conversation with Charlie about Man’s Best Friend!