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Conversations With Dog

What’s LOVE Got to Do with it?

The “Season Of Love” is fast approaching! Your Host Charlie, and his side-kick Suzy Godsey, will be playing with the Possibilities of creating this Valentines Day from a whole different perspective.

Charlie so “gets” the concept of a day devoted to Acknowledging the love, gratitude, caring, kindness, gift and contribution another be to our lives…. and he is often left “Dumb Founded” by what people have defined acknowledgment as!! 

What awareness does Charlie, and the animals, have of Acknowledgment that creates it as so vastly different than what is considered “normal & real” by societies standards?

Is love acknowledgment? What if acknowledgment of another is only possible when you be acknowledgment of yourself, first? Is it possible for acknowledgment and judgment to exist at the same time? 

Charlie & Suzy perceive that joining them for this show will change a WHOLE lot MORE that the just possibilities of This Valentines Days!!! They would LOVE you to join!!!